Link dump

Evaluating Product Sense

Great Twitter thread about needing to think critically and explore multiple solutions/answers. Look from multiple perspectives and think of the overarching context.

Content Design and Communications in Funeral Care

Interesting contrasting examples about the importance of voice and tone. Remember to keep it consistent across all platforms, too.

Short Marketing Case Studies

I loveeeee learning by example and applying theory to something concrete and tangible.

This email newsletter is basically that. I learn a lot about marketing through it.

Timeline for a Successful Product Launch

Key takeaway was this image:

Product launch timeline

This makes me a bit nervous because in the past, I never plan things out that far. Even now when I want to, there are a lot of uncertainties due to depending on others and timeline changes (delays).

Social Media Style Guide

I found this article a little less useful because while there were examples, there was less imagery and I mainly skimmed the headings.

Evergreen Content Marketing

csi content lifecyle version 2

This was a very detailed post and I didn’t really get key takeaways other than the image above (because I mainly skimmed).

Puzzle Fonts

Cool fonts like juggling fonts, Sudoku font, conveyer belt font, Tetris font, and more. It was really mind-blowing to see.

Size Matters (in Design)

The bigger something is, the easier it is to press. This works for links in blog articles too – for better accessibility, don’t make a one-word link. Hyperlink a longer phrase instead.

Of course, other design principles need to be applied too – look at a design holistically.

Multilingual Typefaces

This picture, taken from Alexunder Hess’ Instagram stories, shows how important typography is. Noto Sans supports 800+ languages, so Ikea uses it because their brand is global and they need to write in multiple languages.

Email Marketing Campaign

Long article with steps for an email campaign.

There are 4 essential types of emails for campaigns:

  • Company announcements or updates
  • Email newsletters
  • New product launch messages
  • Sale promotions 

7 kinds of subject lines

  • Benefits
  • Curiosity
  • Offer
  • Urgency/Scarcity
  • News
  • Social Proof
  • Stories

It also went over A/B testing things like subject line, sender address, and email layout (like CTAs).

Influencer Marketing ROIs

What to measure for each objective.

Brand visibility

  • True impressions
  • Reach
  • Branded search volume 
  • Social media mentions 
  • Website traffic from social media channels
  • Overall uptick in website traffic

Brand engagement (necessary for long-term growth)

  • Engagement on social posts
  • Social post saves 
  • Cost per engagement 
  • Email subscriber count 
  • Follower growth on social media channels
  • Add-to-cart 

Direct sales

  • Track sales using unique links and promo codes


  • Total media value 
  • Content performance across channels 
  • Costs saved by generating content through influencers 
  • Time saved by generating content through influencers

Getting to Senior in UX

Google Slides with advice.

Basically talks about being a thought leader – speaking at presentations, mentoring someone, etc.

Trauma-informed Design

Design principles

  • Safety
  • Trustworthy (transparent, clear, consistent communication)
  • Plurality (refugee might not speak English, but converse in texting English)
  • Agency (don’t use tactics of oppression – provide information/support)
  • Open and accountable
  • Solidarity
  • Empathy
  • Friction and privacy (remove unnecessary obstacles, but some friction necessary to protect user data)
  • Hope

Content Usability Analysis

Benefits to reviewing/checking your product and brand content:

  • identify priority content usability improvements
  • discover content inconsistencies
  • proactive content maintenance planning


  • clear language opportunities (plain English, no jargon, simple sentences)
  • potentially confusing content
  • navigation issues
  • content accessibility improvements
  • readability improvements
  • editorial style inconsistencies
  • opportunities to increase diversity and inclusion
  • opportunities to alter tone of voice for appropriacy
  • oppertunities for using content patterns
  • out of date content
  • duplicated content
  • readability of legal notices
  • proofing errors (typos, placeholder copy left in, broken links)

Best Portfolios

Cool portfolio inspiration.

UX Designer Advice (post from


  • Focus on your design process. At a glance, your application portfolio should show your design process with a variety of iterations, low to high-fidelity artifacts you’ve explored.
  • Be human-centric: The story you craft in each portfolio project shows your interest and passion about human-centered design. Every design decision you make is based on user research data or insights.
  • Make it fun and personal. Don’t be afraid to show your own story, personality and who you’re as a designer.

UX vs Product Design

  • Not a huge difference – you work with cross-functional teams
  • 4 core competencies for a designer:
    • product thinking
    • visual design
    • interaction design
    • communication


Portfolio, Design System and More
→ Portfolio

→ Design Guideline & Design System
· Google Material Design:
· Apple Human Interface Guideline:
· Shopify Design System:
· Salesforce Lightning Design System:

→ Other Resources
· Medium:
· Google UX Design Course on Coursera
· Spotify Design:
· Slack Design:
· Dropbox Design:
· Airbnb Design:

→ Design
· High Resolution
· Design Details
· Design Life
· New Layer

→ Product
· How I Built This
· a16z
· Snacks Daily
· Masters of Scale
· Recode Decode

→ Design
· Creative Confidence
· Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design
· Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration Through Critique
· The Design of Everyday Things

→ Communication
· Radical Candor
· The Making of a Manger
· Why are We Yelling?

Tips on crafting the perfect resume ( post/event)

  1. If you don’t have work experience, look to free course platforms to gain new skills. 💻 Taking initiative means a lot to employers. It means you’re adaptable, excited, and curious. 🤩
  2. When making resume bullet points, use the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action Verb, Result. ⭐
  3. DO NOT mass apply. Always tailor and customize your resume for the role. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Check jobhero & jobscan for some ideas.

Videos to watch later

Articles to read next month (paywall)

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